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We live in a wonderful world full of beauty, glamor, and adventure. The adventures that we can experience are endless if we look for them with open eyes.

My name is Petr Brunclík and I founded the travel agency www.vietnamck.cz in 2015 after being in Vietnam continuously for 6 years. I first came to Asia as a "backpacker" in 2004, and gradually moved from India to Vietnam. In the early years, I would return to the Czech Republic for a period of six months to make plans for my next trip to Asia. After a while, I stopped for an extended period of time in Cambodia, the city of Sihanoukville. After a short time, using my experiences I started working for one of the local hotels as a manager. That's where I first started providing services to people who contacted me with the intention of visiting Asia. There was also cooperation with travel agencies, such as Satur Travel out of Europe, for which I have been a guide for several years, and we still cooperating up to this present time. After Cambodia, I began to visit Vietnam more and more and moved to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in 2012. After Vietnam, I traveled cross-country with my friends and customers who chose me as their guide. And during this time I spawned the idea of setting up my own travel agency in Vietnam.
On our website, you can find classic sightseeing tours of Vietnam and other countries. And that's what we specialize mainly in, making a holiday in Vietnam and area, with an itinerary that is right for you. Just visit this page and provide us with basic information such as the number of people you are traveling with, what time of year you are interested in traveling. Countries you are interested in visiting and what kind of budget and accommodations you would like to know about. Countries such as  (Vietnam / Cambodia / Laos / Myanmar) can all be a part of your experience. I will prepare an itinerary that I will send you by email and a budget. I am able to arrange many different options based on your different needs. Once you have decided on an itinerary, be assured I will make all the arrangements, so everything is ready for your arrival. Also, be assured families with young children and people of retirement age have enjoyed my services. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me by email.


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Petr Brunclik
Petr Brunclik
Founder from travel agency VIETNAM CK
Do Xuan Phung
Do Xuan Phung
Sales manager
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Rostislav HolecekGuide


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